Heavy Duty Support & Contact Corrosion Protector

Product Description

Corrosion and deterioration cause many challenges to different types of industries operating under severe outdoor weather conditions.

Industries operating in marine, oil and gas industrial environments, especially located under direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight, rain and saline mildew contributes to extreme corrosion leading to serious consequences. The economic losses of such corrosion and deterioration not only includes cost of replacement but also loss in revenue and penalties due to down time during shut downs.

The areas most susceptible to such corrosion are along pipe supports especially if the supports or pipes are made of metal.

These costly shortcomings and indemnities can be avoided if the pipelines were protected from corrosion with a non-metallic isolator – to isolate the metal and metal contact point

Yes, we have a solution

KON-TAC® acts as a non-metallic corrosion isolator by creating a barrier between pipe and its support structure. KON-TAC® sleeves are available in 1 inch to 24 inches according to pipe’s outer circumference, which form a semi-round segment or can be tailored to Client’s requirements.

At Flosil-BET, KON-TAC are made from high quality composite materials such as Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) or Kevlar and build up with excellent adhesive agent.

FRP are used for KON-TAC with diameter 1 inch to 6 inches, as the Kevlar are used for diameter 8 inches and above.

Size(inch) Length(mm) Arc (mm) Thickness(mm) Material
1 203 21 4 FRP
1.5 203 30 4 FRP
2 203 38 4 FRP
2.5 203 46 4 FRP
3 203 56 4 FRP
4 203 72 4 FRP
5 203 89 4 FRP
6 203 106 4 FRP
8 203 115 4 Kevlar
10 203 143 4 Kevlar
12 203 170 4 Kevlar
14 203 186 4 Kevlar
16 203 213 4 Kevlar
18 203 239 4 Kevlar
20 203 266 4 Kevlar


Testing Process Standard FRP Kevlar
Linear Thermal Expansion ASTM E 831 2.17 x 10-4 mm/mm/oC 2.79 x 10-4 mm/mm/oC
Tensile Strength ASTM D 3039 4,258 lbf/in2 11,667 lbf/in2
Elongation at Break ASTM D 3039 0.8% 1%

Abrasion Tests

Resistance to Organic Coatings to the effects of Rapid Deformation (Impact), Kilogram – meter at maximum impact height of the end point 65cm at load of 911g (2lbs)
(no failure to the coating)
ASTM D2794-04
Abrasion Resistance of Organic Coatings by Taber Abraser Weight Loss = 0.022g Wear Index = 22 (22mg/1000 revolution /1kg) ASTM D4060-01
Scrub Resistance of Paints by Abrasion Weight Loss

No. of Scrub Cycles = 1,441,613 cycles Abrasion Load = 4,135kg

Weight Loss = 1g Wear Index = 2.87 ASTM D4213-96e1 (modified)

Load Test

Compression load for FRP Material 16,976 lbf
Compression load for Kevlar material 22,301 lbf

Shear Test

Compression shear load test to Kon-Tac 11,079 lbf








Identify the badly corroded pipes

After lifting, sanding / wire-brush for surface preparation

Application of special adhesive agent onto the pipe and KON-TAC

Secure with cable tight for 24 hours curing process




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