Solvent free Marine Epoxy Anti-Fouling

Product Description

It has been observed that buildup of marine growth along the underside of vessel hulls has caused many problems.

Some of the problems are as follows

  • The operators face a lot of downtime when these build up of marine growth has to be cleared
  • Reduction of efficiency and cost increase due to layer of growth which can result in 15% extra energy consumption even in a thin layer of growth (1/64")
  • The operators are unable to use harsh cleaning chemicals due to environmental pollution issues

Flosil-BET has developed an environment friendly Anti fouling coating system that is 100% volume solid with modified aliphatic amine and Epoxy, which gives an excellent abrasion resistance and hardness that reduces the problems faced by operations.

  • (TBT) Tributyltin Free
  • Fast Drying
  • Excellent adhesion, durability and abrasion resistance
  • Marine growth reduction on stationary vessels
  • Improves fuel efficiency and reduces operation cost
  • Easily Repairable giving room for isolated repairs
  • Usable on steel, fiberglass and wooden surfaces
  • Can be easily cleaned /brushed off, even underwater
Colour Red Brown
Finish Semi - Glossy
Volume Solids 100%
Typical Film Thickness 300 - 500 μ dry
Theoretical Coverage 5 Sq.m/liter at 200μ DFT
Method of Application Airless spray, Conventional Spray
Mixing Ratio 5:1 Part A : Part B By weight
Pot Life @ 30°C 30 - 40 mins
Touch Dry 4-6 hours
Full Cure to relase the vessel 24 Hours
Shelf Life 24 Months when stored in sealed and unopened containers in closed shelters.
Over Coating Interval Can be over-coated when touch dry
Method of application
  • Airless Spray, Brush, Conventional Spray, Roller
  • Airless spray : Tip size -0.017 inch or larger at 3500 - 4000 psi tip pressure
  • For Conventional spray with moisture and oil trap in the air supply line, mechanical agitator is recommended
Thinning ratio 5 - 10% when required using Aqua T01

Systems and Compatibility

Following primers are compatible with the system:

Aqua Sealer, Aqua ST, Aqua ST-03, Aqua Mastic

  • Hull of Boats and Vessel
  • Power Stations Intake Areas.
  • Fast Boats and Yacht – Rudders and Keels.
  • Sea Chest
  • Sea Chest Screen
  • Chain Locker
  • Jetties
Air Temperature 5-50° C
Substrate Temperature 5-60° C
Relative Humidity 50% minimum, 85% maximum
Surface temperature shall always be at least 3°C above Dew Point. Do not expose the coated articles where there are chances of condensation on the surface.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces to be coated shall be dry and free from oil, grease, dust, dirt and any foreign matter that can adversely affect adhesion of coating. Solvent cleaning as per SSPC SP1 shall be conducted wherever necessary.

NEW CONSTRUCTION STEEL - Prepare the surface by abrasive blasting to Sa 2½ as per ISO 8501- 1:2007. Surface shall have angular surface profile between 40-75μ. If oxidation occurs between the surface preparation and coating application, the surface shall be re-blasted to meet the specification.

MAJOR REFURBISHMENT/REPAIR STEEL - Substrates showing damage to the existing anti-fouling shall be spot blasted to Sa 2½ as per ISO 8501-1:2007. Edges of the spot blasted area must be feathered down to avoid lifting of the coating. After preparation, surface shall have angular surface profile (anchor pattern) of 40-75μ.

FIBREGLASS/WOOD - Substrate shall be power sanded in order to smoothen the texture of fiberglass and also to provide smooth transition between the laminate edges/welds. Aged wood or old wooden boat must be allowed to dry sufficiently before coating with the system.

Air temperature : 5 ~ 38℃, Surface temperature: 5 ~ 45℃

Relative humidity : below 85%

The surface temperature must be at least 3℃ above the dew point to prevent moisture condensation.


Before – Wooden Panel

After 41 days

After 82 days

After 183 days

Before – Metal Panel

After 41 days

After 82 days

After 146 days


Before Hull Koat

After Hull Koat


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