AQUA IZ 16-07 (FLOSIL IZ 16-07)

High Performance Inorganic Zinc Silicate Coating

Product Description

A two pack, solvent based, inorganic zinc rich ethyl silicate primer, containing 85% zinc by weight in the dry film. Provides excellent corrosion protection to correctly prepared steel substrates.

Colour Grey
Packing Size 16 Liter pack
Mixing Ratio 1 : 2.3 Part A & B by Weight. (Part B is Zinc dust in powder form)
Volume Solids 50% ± 3% (ASTM 2697-86)
Working Pot Life 2 hours @ 30°C (at higher temperatures pot-life decreases)
Touch Dry 5- 10 min at 30°C
Hard Dry 20- 40 min at 30°C
Recommended DFT 50 - 75 micron(100 - 150 micron) on wet condition
Theoretical Coverage 6 to 8 m²/litre at 50 microns DFT, allow appropriate loss factors
Over Coating Interval 20- 40 min at 30°C (After touch dry). or Use Prior to over coating, carry out a MEK Solvent Rub Resistance test (ASTM D4752) where a value of 4 indicates a satisfactory degree of cure for over coating purposes.
Shelf Life At least 6 month when stored in sealed and unopened containers in closed shelters.
Coating Thickness 50 ~ 75 μm(DFT)
Surface Preparation


  • Near white metal - Sa2.5(ISO 8501-1) with anchor profile 40 ~ 75μm(SSPC-SP10)
  • ensure blasted steel free from rust, oil and moisture or any another contaminants
Method of application
  • Airless Spray, Conventional Spray. Roller and Brush not recommended. Stripe coat by brush only.
  • Airless spray : Tip size -0.015 inch to 0.021 inch at 3500 to 4000 psi tip pressure.
  • For Conventional spray with moisture and oil trap in the air supply line, mechanical agitator are recommended
Thinning ratio Not necessary, if required use Aqua T01 5-10%
Cleaner Aqua T01
  • Air Temperature -5 ~ 54°C
  • Substrate Temperature -5 ~ 60°C
  • Relative Humidity :- up to 85%

Product Application

As a base coat for a wide range of above water line coating schemes to greatly enhance corrosion resistance.

For use at New building or Maintenance & Repair.


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