Heavy Duty Concrete Repair & Cavity Filler

Product Characterstics

A high build epoxy to withstand heavy abrasion, chemical attack above or below water over a wide range of substrates to a maximum temperature resistance of 120ºC.

  • A non-solvent type 100% volume solid epoxy with excellent adhesion to steel and metal.
  • Versatile in which it can be applied onto damp or dry surfaces and displays excellent adhesion and compability to other coatings and is suitable for rebuilding pitted surfaces.
  • It is highly recommended for pitted surface and formulated for strength and versatility under adverse condition.
Colour Orange & Choice Request
Packing Size 500mg / 1kilogram
Non volatile content 100% Epoxy 13.5 and Hardener 1 in proportion by weight
Mixing Ratio 13.5:1 By weight
Full cure 30ºC in 48 hours
Pot life 15 to 20 mins at 30ºC
Touch Dry 2 to 3 hours
Temperature resistance 30ºC - 150ºC
Volume Solid 100%
Shelf Life 24 Months* from the date of manufacturing.

*Material to be stored in sealed and unopened containers in closed shelters.

Method Trowel on, Putty knife, Spatula
Min.Surface Preparation ST2 - ST3 standard
Thinner Not recommended
Mixing Mix and stir components thoroughly, for 5 to 10 mins before application.


To apply on to any surface that does not exceed 90ºC except for rubber and thermoplastic.

Resistance to Organic Coatings to the effect of Rapid Deformation (Kilogram-meter) at the impact the effect of Rapid Deformation failure end point - 911g (2Lbs)- More than 65 cm.
Abrasion Resistance of Organic Coatings by the Taber Abraser Wear Index = 20 (20mg/1000cycles/1kg)
Pull-Off Strength of Coatings using Portable Adhesion Testers More than 6.0N/ (870psi)

Before application of Aqua Filler

After application of Aqua Filler

Pitted Surface Before

Pitted Surface After

Pitted Surface Before

Pitted Surface After


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