about us

Flosil-BET is an Indo - Malaysian Joint Venture focused on technology-based products for Indian & Global Industries.

Flosil-BET has been a leading manufacturer of high-performance industrial coatings, and that tradition continues with innovative coating formulations that protect a wide range of substrates and enhance aesthetics.

Our expertise and experience lies in Industrial Coating Services. We have developed and patented many products that meet the various requirements of our clients.

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our products

Our products are applied in more diverse geographical areas and climates than any product in the industry.

flosilbet - Aqua sealer

aqua sealer

Suitable for use on the floor and interior for the food processing and manufacturing industry, oil & gas and power industry learn more

flosilbet - Aqua st

aqua st

The coating is suitable for use on the industrial floors and oil & gas, fabrication and power industries learn more

flosilbet - Aqua st
flosilbet - Aqua pu

aqua pu

Aqua PU is suitable for use in a wide variety of environments inculding offshore structures, chemical and petrochemical plants, bridges pulp and paper mills, and in the power industry learn more

aqua ST-03

AQUA ST-03 is a low volatile organic content paint and is ideal for use in harsh marine and industrial environments where there is no compromise on quality learn more

flosilbet - Aqua st

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