Industrial floor coating & Concrete polishing

Flosil-BET is an Indo - Malaysian Joint Venture focused on technology-based products for the complete Indian & Global Industries.

Flosil-BET has been a leading manufacturer of high-performance industrial coatings, and that tradition continues with innovative coating formulations that protect a wide range of substrates and enhance aesthetics.

In line with our expertise and experience, we have developed and patented products that meet such critical demands and conditions.

From water tanks and treatment plants, to manufacturing plants, industrial facilities, refineries and specialty Oil & Gas Platforms, Flosil-BET Coatings can be found protecting virtually all types of structures.

Flosil-BET's extensive product line is backed by outstanding technical support through the company's network of knowledgeable coating consultants.

Corrosion Protection is an area that is utmost concern especially with regards to assets continuity and preservation.
Our Products are applied in more diverse geographical areas and climates than any product in the industry.

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