Increase Reliability and Yield at Low Cost Through Flosil-BET'S Corrosion Epoxy Coatings

It is a low volatile organic content paint with a high solid content. It is a modified epoxy coat that gives long term protection with high resistance properties and is ideal for use in harsh marine and industrial environments where there is no compromise on quality.

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Acid* Alkali Solvent Sea Water Fresh Water
Spillage C A B A A
Fume B A A A A
Immersion NR NR X A A
NR: Not Recommended, X: Poor C: Fair, B: Good, A: Very Good
*Exceptional Performance towards acids like H₂SO₄, HNO₃ etc…

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Product Information

Colour All RAL, BS Colours
Packing 16 L pack
Mixing Ratio 1.2 : 1 Part A & B by weight only
Volume Solids 95 ± 3%
Working Pot Life 40 - 60 minutes at 35 °C
Maximum Solvent 5 - 8 %
Coating Layer 1 -2
Touch Dry 3 – 4 Hours
Volume Solid 100%
Temperature Resistance 110°c ( After full cure)
Coating Layer 1-2
Chemical Resistance Upto 75% H2SO4
Coating Layer 1 – 2 on deck
Theoretical Coverage 6.5 Square meter per Liter based on 150µm DFT
Recommended DFT 150µm – 300µm
Full Cure Can be over coated when ever touch dry
Over Coating 4 hours
Shelf Life At least 12 months when stored in sealed containers
  • Application Area
  • Environmental

Application Area

  • Tanks, Exterior of Steel and Iron Pipes
  • Coating onto GRE / Fiber Glass
  • Offshore structures, marine vessels, FPSO
  • Vessel linings under immersed conditions up to 110°C
  • Concrete Structures
  • Flow Lines, Risers, Jetty's
  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Fishing Boats, Ships & Barges
  • Water Proofing
  • Gratings with minimum surface preparation
  • Offshore structures, marine vessels, FPSO
  • Bridges, Walkways, Bridge bearings, Railings
  • Decks, piping, storage tanks, ballast tanks
  • Acid Linings subject to type of acids
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, Turbine Ducts / Exhaust
  • Wooden Blocks, Glass, Stainless Steel Products
  • Industrial Floor Coatings
  • Roads (Zebra Crossing, Divider's etc...)


    Blasting or application should NOT be carried out when:

  • Relative humidity is >95%
  • Substrate temperature is below 4°C.


  • Brush Application
    • 100 ~ 150 µm
  • Over Coating Interval
    • Can be over-coated when touch dry
  • Method
    • Airless spray, Air spray (pressure pot ) Roller Brush Airless Spray
    • Airless spray : Tip size - 0.017 inch or larger
    • Conventional spray. A moisture and oil trap in the air supply line, mechanical
    • agitator are recommended
  • Thinning ratio
    • Max 3% Xylene when required
  • Note
    • Epoxy paint especially the colour White, under direct sunlight tends to have discoloration. Advise to apply PU to prevent the discoloration