Our Quality


Responsible environmental practices are crucial to Flosil-BET’s long-term success and are an integral part of our organization's core values. Keeping every customer’s needs in mind, we only manufacture and recommend high performance coating systems at cost-effective prices.

Every product we manufacture or distribute is designed to facilitate a comfortable coexistence between development, production and/or distribution activities.

Flosil-BET embraces quality, health and safety objectives as core business values and is committed to pursuing the highest standards of HSE performance.


Our commitment to deliver qquality performance ccoatings and services to our clients is reflected in our efficiency in the field, in our designs, as well as in the office. Our priority is ensuring safe work environment for all. The Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Departments are dedicated to maintaining these commitments and guiding Flosil-BET to its ultimate goals of zero incidents and high client satisfaction.

We are dedicated to achieve customer satisfaction by producing quality industrial coatings and deliver it on time with competitive prices. We continuously make efforts to improve our process, product & system.

All purchase orders and contracts are reviewed by inside sales personnel. Special quality and engineering requirements are reviewed by respective departments. This ensures customer specifications can be met with the supplied product. It includes all elements such as contract review, training, manufacturing and inspection, testing and shipping.

All employees are trained for their specific job needs. Training requirements are reviewed yearly by departmental supervisors for all employees and records are maintained.

All orders with special quality and engineering requirements are subjected to Final Inspection by qualified Q.A. Technicians. Sampling inspection and certifications are prepared as per customer orders. Complete traceability is maintained for all products that include raw material certifications

We are also regularly assessed and quality-approved by a wide range of industry bodies and individual customers - including multinational corporations, utilities and government organizations.

Key Factors Contributing To Flosil-BET’s Success In Industrial Coating Services:

  • Advanced high-capacity robotic manufacturing processes.
  • Highly experienced engineers and operators.
  • Highly trained Quality Personnel.
  • Professional after-sales service.
  • Superior and unrivalled coating technology.